Press Release

January 15, 2016




Good Morning!


Whereto, America? Why this furious pace of progress, all of this art that insists on looking bad? And who is counting stray cats in Ridgewood? The Quiet American, a semi-chronical publication featuring a pure breed of New York City’s literary, visual and critical talent is pleased to offer its inaugural publication, which seeks to answer the question: “What The Hell Happened?”.


Deliberately published in the anachronistic medium of newsprint, The Quiet American aims to train a bloodshot eye and bring a hairy fist down on the parade of pallid bugs brazenly passing themselves off as cultural icons, to hold steady in its crosshairs any vague idea or half-bred notion shamelessly laying claim to “relevance”. Sailingly intrepidly amidst the flotsam and jetsam, four times a year The Quiet American will set course for a more distant shore, hoisting its flag only at the ports of hope, beauty, and liberty.


Our innaugural issue features illustrations and a graphic novel by Filthy Lucre; essays on the human eye, immortality in the age of the internet, the unicorn tapestries at the Cloisters, the sham that is the working week; and a range of opinion pieces that puts the New York Post to shame. The Quiet American will be for sale at all fine independent bookstores in New York, and for theft at any commercial outlet where Jeff Koons’ work has been bought, sold, or talked about. Demands, complaints, or interview requests should be addressed to the mailing or e-mail addresses listed below. Pugilists-in-chief Filthy Lucre, Charles Booth, and Nettie Moore are reachable at:


The Quiet American Review

c/o Queens Tavern

6869 Fresh Pond Road

Ridgewood NY